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An exhibition of awarded pieces from the past three Biennials of Slovene Visual communications at the23rd International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2008, 18 June - 19. October

Twenty years after visual communications became a course at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, the Brumen Foundation launched the 1st Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication. Many things have happened in the meantime, including a new country and a new social system. This lively revival resulted in increasing demands for new visual messages. "Fast-food" design, which decreases inter-personal communication effectiveness, affects the quality of life, and becomes disturbing and violent, began to dominate. Therefore, Slovenian design desperately needed a periodical critical overview of and public awards for achievements.

November 29 2003 is one of the most significant dates in the contemporary history of Slovenian design: the opening of the 1st Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications marks the beginning of the continuous professional assessment of creative quality in visual communication. With the Biennial, the young discipline has gained an opportunity to check, compare, and get an overview of the designers and their work, and to gain recognition of design knowledge, know-how and skills.

The Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication is a specialised and expert-based overview of visual communications. All applications are assessed by a special committee of domestic experts, who select the best for subsequent exhibition, and refer them to an international jury. The judges award the best works in each category and the work which fulfils all the international criteria of excellence is awarded the highest prize - the Brumen Grand Prix for the best visual message of Slovenia.

The Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications has been held three times (2003, 2005, 2007). The work, which received awards, by such prominent international designers as Anna Berkenbusch, Pierre Bernard, Max Bruinsma, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand, Cyprian Koscielniak, Bo Linnemann, Bruno Monguzzi, Aleš Najbrt, Jean-Françoise Porchez, Rick Poynor, Erik Spiekermann, and Wieczyslaw Wasilewski, is finally being presented outside Slovenia - at an exhibition in Brno.

organisation: The Brumen Foundation Petra Černe Oven, Inge Pangos, Barbara Predan, Peter Skalar

List of exhibited works: typefaces

2003 title: Cerdonis author: Matevž Medja agency/studio: Gigodesign client: Gigofonts

2005 title: Delo typeface family author: Ermin Međedović client: Delo

2007 title: SIMTYPE_DOS author: Katarina Mrvar agency/studio: Lukatarina client: Lukatarina

signs, symbols and logotypes

2003 title: Inside, a lifestyle magazine author: Slavimir Stojanović agency/studio: Futro client: Inside

2005 title: Faculty of Computer and Information Science (honorable mention) author: Boris Divjak agency/studio: Innovatif client: Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana

2005 title: Eleven author: Miha Grobler client: Kid Dog

2007 title: B/K/P/Architects author: Ranko Novak agency/studio: Designovak client: Bajc Kmetič Pollak architects

basic set of stationery

2005 title: Kastelic + Levičar author: Matevž Medja agency/studio: Gigodesign client: Kastelic + Levičar

2007 title: Luks Studio author: Boris Balant agency/studio: Luks studio client: Luks studio

corporate identity

2003 title: Agencija 41 author: Mina Žabnikar client: Agencija 41

2005 title: Tuš(honorable mention) authors: Matevž Medja, Blaž Medja, Miha Klinar, Mitja Miklavčič agency/studio: Gigodesign client: Engrotuš

2007 title: Fonda (honorable mention) author: Boris Balant coauthors: Lena P. Balant, Primož Pislak photo: arhiv Fonda agency/studio: Luks studio client:

2007 title: HIT (honorable mention) author: Gigodesign team agency/studio: Gigodesign client: Hit

information graphics

2003 title: Rab, Memorial Plaque authors: Miha Kerin, Majda Kregar agency/studio: Ambient client: Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

2005 title: Europe 2020 (honorable mention) author/copy: Eduard Čehovin agency/studio: Oblikovalski center client: IEDC - Bled School of Management

2005 title: Pictograms for Gorenje (honorable mention) author: Silvija Černe client: Gorenje

2007 title: Plečnik's Students at Le Corbusier Studio, Exhibition author: Primož Pislak coauthor: Matej Zorec copy: Bogo Zupančič client: Architectural Museum Ljubljana


2003 title: Talk Me Your Body author: Luks studio client: PTL - Ljubljana Dance Theatre, Flota agency/studio: Luks studio

2005 title: SK04(honorable mention) author: Eduard Čehovin copy: Srečko Kosovel, slovene avant-garde poet 1904-26 agency/studio: Oblikovalski center client: Oblikovalski center

2005 title: Andrej Rozman Roza: Funny to death author: Radovan Jenko photo: Dragan Arrigler agency/studio: Radovan Jenko client: KUD France Prešeren

2007 title: BIO 20 (honorable mention) author: Janja Grubar menthor: Peter Skalar client: 20. Biennial of Industrial Design

2007 title: 25th Skopje Jazz Festival author: Slavimir Stojanović agency/studio: Futro client: Skopje Jazz Festival, FR Macedonia

books and book series

2003 title: Intolerance Monitor Report author: Robert Žvokelj agency/studio: ID studio client: The Peace Institut

2005 title: Man in magic square (honorable mention) author: Ranko Novak photo: Peter Koštrun agency/studio: Designovak clients: Myra Locatelli, Mobitel

2005 title: Fenoman (honorable mention) author: Slavimir Stojanović coauthor: F. I. A. art group agency/studio: Futro client: Publikum

2007 title: Zbirka Smeh.Podtoni(humour collection) author, copy, illustrator: Tomato Košir agency/studio: Tomato Košir client: Didakta

book covers

2005 title: Knjiga o vinu Wine book (honorable mention) author: Žare Kerin photo: Janez Pukšič client: Rokus

2007 title: Sister author, illustrator: Matej Koren agency/studio: Kiddog client: Založba Sanje

catalogues and monographs

2003 title: Yesterday afternoon events author: Mina Žabnikar client: Prodok

2005 title: Graffitists (honorable mention) author: Robert Žvokelj photo: graffitists agency/studio: ID studio client: MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

2005 title: The Partizans in Print (honorable mention) author: Robert Žvokelj photo: National Museum of Contemporary History agency/studio: ID studio client: MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

2005 title: Artist at work author: Ajdin Bašić photo: Boris Cvjetanović, Mladen Stilinović copy: Alenka Gregorič, Branka Stipančič, Igor Zabel client: Galerija Škuc

2007 title: Alan Hranitelj (honorable mention) author: Boris Balant photo: Alan Hranitelj (arhives) agency/studio: Luks studio client: MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

2007 title: Ivan Ilic Case/Study author: Ivan Ilić agency/studio: Futro client: Futro Books

annual reports

2003 title: Mobitel author: Luks studio agency/studio: Agencija 41 client: Mobitel


2003 title: Tehno-optika author: Žare Kerin agency/studio: Futura D. D. B. client: Tehno-optika

2005 title: Scrawls 05 author/illustrator/client: Radovan Jenko agency/studio: Radovan Jenko


2005 title: Sadjevec, Viljamovka (brandy) (honorable mention) author: Žare Kerin coauthor: Marko Piškur client: Dana

2007 title: Salt Label (honorable mention) author: Primož Pislak agency/studio: Luks studio client: Soline

2007 title: Avtorsko vino (wine) author: Tomaž Plahuta client: Štekar Farm

brochures, invitations, greeting cards…

2003 title: Hoteli morje author: Borut Kajbič client: Hoteli morje

2005 title: Futro fanzine author/illustrator: Slavimir Stojanovič author/photo: Ivan Ilić agency/studio: Futro client: Futro

2007 title: Futrozine; Futro Good News authors: Ivan Ilić, Slavimir Stojanović agency/studio: Futro client: Futro Books, U. G. F. I. A.

periodicals and newspapers

2003 title: m'ars author: Slavimir Stojanović agency/studio: Futro client: Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

2007 title: Sign-post author: Robert Žvokelj photo: Barbara Zajec, Jaka Vinšek, Aljoša Videtić agency/studio: ID studio client: Nova ljubljanska banka

printed advertisements and advertising campaigns

2003 title: Duracell Plus author: Slavimir Stojanović agency/studio: Arih advertising client: Merchiol/Duracell

2005 title: Taxi (honorable mention) author: Aljoša Bagola coauthor: Robert Križmančič photo: Franci Virant agency/studio: Pristop client: Intertours Taxi

2005 titles: (Towels, Food, Cloths authors: Tina Brezovnik, Andrej Baša, Vera Stanković photo: Riccardo Callin agency/studio: Mayer McCann client: Vale Novak book-shop

2007 title: Deer author, copy: Aljoša Bagola coauthor: Robert Križmančič photo: Gettyimages, Saša Hes agency/studio: Pristop client: Porsche Slovenija

jacket design of audio and video carriers

2003 title: Katalena author: Ivian Kan Mujezinović client: ZKP RTV Slovenija

2007 title: Two Pianos author: Vladan Srdić agency/studio: Studio 360 client: RTV Slovenija

digital graphics

2003 title: Arcadia lightwear authors: Jack Russel, Tina Hojs, Bor Hojs agency/studio: Studio Tibor client: Arcadia

2005 title: Roza - writter, actor, poet (honorable mention) author: Radovan Jenko photo: Dragan Arrigler copy: Andrej Rozman Roza sound: Mateja Starič client: KUD France Prešeren url

2007 title: Pivk drycleaner (honorable mention) authors: Zoran Gabrijan, Žare Kerin coauthor: Miha Grobler, Inovatiff copy: Boštjan Napotnik agency/studio: Futura client: Čistilnica Pivk url

2007 title: Gorenje design (honorable mention) author: Uroš Strel Lenčič coauthors: Matjaž Miler, Vladimir Nardin copy: Andrej Šeme agency/studio: AV studio client: Gorenje url

2007 title: Gorenje Ora-Ito (honorable mention) author: Siniša Šafarič coauthors: Matjaž Miler, Vladimir Nardin, Uroš Strel Lenčič agency/studio: AV studio client: Gorenje url

2007 title: Itak Park Website authors: Gsus Ajax, Žiga Testen coauthors: Bor Hojs, Tina Hojs / Studio Tibor illustrators: Žiga Testen, Žiga Aljaž photo: Dragan Arrigler copy: Robert Bohinec, Urška Klajder agency/studio: Ajax Studio client: Mobitel url url

illustration as part of visual communication design

2007 title: Slovene Poets About the Cats author/illustrator: Radovan Jenko copy: various slovene poets agency/studio: Radovan Jenko client: Mladinska knjiga

photography as part of visual communication design

2003 title: En-knap 10 author: j. e. s. u. s. ajaks agency/studio: Ajax studio client: En-knap (slovene dance company)

student works

2005 title: Eksperiment v tipografiji Experiment in typography author: Luka Mancini menthor: Lucijan Bratuš

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