Protey Temen (Russia): Black and White Exhibition

workdays from 8a.m. to 6 p.m., free enterance This exhibition will showcase posters and prints which the author has designed especially for this occasion. The concept of his work is best described as abstract identity, workaday spectacularity. Extremes such as body and spirit, artificial and natural, real and abstract are confronted in his work, producing a spark in their collision. The dialogue between these two extremes grows by itself, and is compared by the author to “growing flesh on the carcass”. That carcass becomes a framework, peeped in the environment, taken out of context. To be able to provide acute attention to each subject, the use of language of abstraction seems appropriate. Flexible, vibrant and absorbing new meanings taken out of context. As a result, we obtain artefacts of these events. A chronicle documenting itself.

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