Mark Porter

UK, guest of 4th BSVC & IDE (2009) An editorial designer. He was born in Scotland and studied modern languages at Oxford University. Initially self-taught, he learnt from some of London and New York’s best art directors.

He worked on a range of award-winning magazines including, Wired, and Colors.

He joined The Guardian in 1995, and in 2005 he masterminded the seminal Guardian relaunch, which has become a benchmark of contemporary newspaper design. He then oversaw the redesign of, and now divides his time between print and digital projects.

He remains Creative Director of The Guardian, and consults for publishers and media organisations worldwide.

Mark Porter has been awarded the top honours in the industry, including World’s Best Designed at the Society for News Design, a gold medal from the Society of Publication Designers, and a black pencil in the D&AD global awards.

Lecture: Designing The Guardian