Jean François Porchez

France, guest of 1st BSVC & IDE (2003) He studied at the Atelier Nationale de Recherche Typographique and after graduation worked for the firm, Dragon Rouge, as a typographic designer and consultant. In 1994 he designed the typeface for the Paris newspaper, Le Monde, and then founded the firm, Porchez Typofonderie.

Porchez currently teaches typography design at the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris and at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication in Reading, Great Britain, and also gives lectures at international conferences.

In 2001 he presided over the jury of the French Ministry of Education, which adopted decisions on the new models of handwriting instruction in France. He is also the French delegate and Vice-President of the Association typographique internationale (ATypI).

Porchez is the author of the following typefaces: FF Angie, Apolline, Parisine, Le Monde, Anisette, Lion, Ambroise, Charente, Bienvenue, Costa, Sitaline, Sabon (Linotype) and others. His clients are Paris Metro transportation system (RATP), Le Monde newspaper, France Telecom, Charente Libre newspaper, Peugeot, Sita, Landor associates, Costa Crocieres, Guy Laroche, Le Poste, ValVer, and many others.

Porchez received many awards for his work: the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design for the typography, Costa, at the TDC2 2000 competition, organised by the Type Directors Club NY. At the Morisawa typeface competition, he earned the prestigious prize for the typefaces, FF Angie (1990) and Apolline (1993). In 1998 he was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot – the highest award of the world organisation of typography, Association Typographique Internationale – for outstanding achievement in the field of typography at the international level. At the international competition, Bukva:raz (2001), he received prizes for his typefaces, Ambroise, Anisette, Anisette Petite, Charente, Le Monde Journal, and Le Monde Courrier.