Meet the guests of 6th Brumen: Anette Lenz

They describe her as a French designer of German descent, master of combining the rigid German typographic tradition with French freedom of expression, graceful and quiet designer whose works are anything but: daring, vivid and powerful. After studying graphic design in Munich she moved to Paris and joined the cultural and political group Grapus, and later co-founded the creative collective "Nous Travaillons Ensemble". In 1993 established the Atelier Anette Lenz.

She liked design ever since she was a a child, as a little girl, she says she was always happy for the the praise she got for her drawings by her parents. Later she tried out varioous artistic expressions - film, music ... and then finally discovered graphic design. She was attracted to it mainly because she liked the fact she could do a project on her own, from start to finish.

Her portfolio includes corporate syztems for several French cities, a large series of posters for the Parisian theaters and projects for clients such as the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture and Communications, museums, hotels and TV stations. She is a member of an elite AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale).


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