Henryk Tomaszewski: A Retrospective Exhibition

Professor Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005) a Polish graphic designer, illustrator and educator was one of the seminal graphic designers in postwar Poland. The co-founding father of the Polish School of Poster educated whole generations of Polish and foreign designers. His work received international recognition shortly after World War II, and the special graphic language he used inspires designers all over the world to this day.

The upcoming exhibition, the first solo presentation outside Poland of Tomaszewski’s extensive body of work, covers more than fifty years of his artistic career. This selection of his best works includes drawings concerning both private topics and public affairs, which were regularly printed in cultural publications before and after World War II, his series of book covers for Polish literary works, and of course works from his best-known creative field – posters. The exhibition can be viewed independently or with a guided tour.