Filip Pagowski

Poland, USA, guest of 5th BSVC & IDE (2011) Born and educated in Poland. Studies poster design under prof Henryk Tomaszewski, at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In New York City since 1980.

1980s_ Set and prop design for music videos. Designs animation sequences for MTV vignettes and animated tv commercials and props for Pee Wee Herman’s television show. Starts working on numerous illustration assignments for NY magazines and for Random House publishing subsidiaries.

1990s_ In 1992 starts long lasting regular collaboration with The New Yorker magazine under Tina Brown’s editorship. In the same time produces work for French clients, editorial and advertising, among them Le Monde daily paper. Contributes work for the Visionaire publication.

2000s_ In late 1999 starts an ongoing freelance collaboration with Rei Kawakubo of the Comme des Garçons fashion house fame, resulting in the numerous assignments ranging from brochures and ads to prints for men’s and women’s garments and logos for the PLAY clothing and perfume line. Work continues through the decade. Creates numerous designs for the famous Butterfly chair, commissioned by Saks 5th Ave. Collaborates with Diane von Furstenberg on her two collections and a special project to benefit the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. Starting in 2006 gets to work on numerous art and design projects across Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan.

2010- present_ Continues to work for numerous clients in Asia. May 2011- first exhibition of his work in Warsaw and Poland. Due to the longer periods of time spent in Poland develops more professional contacts locally, resulting in work for the Polish market.

Some of the clients: The New Yorker magazine, Comme des Garcons, Li Ning, Diane von Furstenberg, Medicom, Milk X …

Video lecture: My Life as a Graphic Designer