Bo Linnemann

Denmark, guest of 1st BSVC & IDE (2003) An architect, graphic designer and professor at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen. In 1985 he and Kim Meyer Andersen founded a company called Kontrapunkt which in the early 1990s took on the task of redesigning the visual image of the Danish government institutions. Kontrapunkt designed the corporate identities of many major government bodies and became the largest Scandinavian design studio specialising in this segment of visual communications.

Thanks to its comprehensive approach, Kotrapunkt was able to redesign the public image of various ministries, Royal Library, National Museum, Royal Theatre, University of Copenhagen and also took on the projects of signage and corporate identities of many established Danish and international companies. Some of Kontrapunkt’s clients include Danish railways, Danish postal service, the Lego Group, Novo Nordisk, ISS, Coloplast, the UN (FAO), Tele Denmark, Rambøll and many other organisations. One of the most refreshing designs is the corporate identity of the Danish security and intelligence service, PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste), reflecting its role of a communications-centered organisation.

Linnemann is the recipient of many international awards and received the Danish Design Prize several times. He earned his most recent Prize (2002) for the Billund Airport project and was awarded the Agfa-Monotype special prize, the Trophée d’Or, for the Billund Airport typeface.

Bo Linnemann published his experiences of designing the visual images of Danish public institutions in his book, ‘The Crowning Touch’ (Kontrapunkt & The Danish Design Centre, 2000), where he discusses the issues of redesigning state symbols. The book elaborates on the significance of national identity at the time of globalisation, when the corporate identities of state institutions should convey the essence of the society and its public image within the broader European context.