Alice Twemlow

GB / ZDA, guest of 6th Brumen (2013) Alice Twemlow is a British-born writer and educator based in New York. She is chair of one of the world’s first graduate programs in design criticism, Design Criticism (D-Crit) MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, she co-founded in 2008 with Steven Heller. Twemlow is also a PhD candidate in the History of Design department at the Royal College of Art, London; her research examines the changing relationship of design criticism to its publics in the UK and the US since the 1950s.

Twemlow is a contributing writer at Design Observer and has written about design for publications including Eye, Design Issues, Design & Culture, I.D., Print, New York Magazine, and Architect’s Newspaper. She is the author of What is Graphic Design For? (Rotovision, 2006) and her essays are included in books such as 60: Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future (Thames and Hudson, 2010,) The Barnbrook Bible (Booth Clibborn, 2007,) Elsewhere: Mapping (University of Minnesota Design Institute, 2006), Looking Closer 5 (Allworth Press, 2007,) and the catalogue for Graphic Design Worlds at La Triennale Design Museum.

Twemlow often serves on design and architecture juries and editorial boards, and moderates conferences such as the Tasmeem Doha Conference 2011 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and Abstract: The Future of Design in Media Conference in Portland Maine in 2011. She has recently lectured at the 2009 ICOGRADA Congress, AIGA 2011 National Conference in Phoenix, AIGA Chicago, and at the QT Series at MoMA.

Video lecture: BFF, LOL, L - The ambivalent relationship between the designer and the critic

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