Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design

The Brumen Biennial is a two-year overview of the best works in Slovenian visual communications. A number of events take place in the duration of the Biennial, chief among them are the International Conference, the exhibition of selected projects, and the award ceremony, where Slovenia’s highest honours in the field of design are presented to the winners. Each Biennial is accompanied by a catalogue with a presentation of the international jury and the selected and awarded works.

With the 8th Biennial, the event underwent a redesign itself - the most notable among the changes is in its name. The Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication became the Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design, and the International Design Event became the International Conference.

The 9th Brumen Biennial will take place in the Autumn of 2019.


International Jury

An independent jury of internationally acclaimed specialists in the field of design choose selected works among the applications, that receive the Brumen commendation, and chooses the winners of the Brumen Award and the Brumen Grand Award. You can find the list of all jurors that co-created the Brumen Biennial here.

The five members of the jury are invited to participate by the Brumen Foundation’s management board, which recuses itself from the jury proceedings entirely. The jury elects a president, who delivers the list of all selected and awarded works to the Biennial’s production team.


International Conference

The International Conference is an all-day event where members of the international jury of the Brumen Biennial present themselves. Apart from the valuable insights into the recent goings on in the professional field, the conference is an opportunity to discuss changes, novelties and trends in design, as well as a welcome platform for the foreign specialists on the state of design in Slovenia.

The event takes place in Kino Šiška.


Retrospective exhibition

The exhibition of selected projects at the Brumen Biennial and the award ceremony have been taking place in Slovenia’s National Gallery ever since the first Biennial in 2003. Various events take place during the time the exhibition is on show, ranging from guided tours and lectures, to specific events, such as the Business Meetup in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

From the 8th Biennial onwards, the closing of the exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the catalogue, which contains an overview of selected and awarded works, as well as interviews with the members of the jury, the winner of the Brumen Grand Award and other relevant content.

After the Biennial’s conclusion, selected and awarded projects can be accessed at the online gallery and peroused in the catalogue.