The Brumen Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2003 whose aim is promoting quality design and informing a wider audience of the fact that design is all around us and is a key contributor to our quality of life.

With the Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design—the central event in the field of design in Slovenia—and the Brumen Awards—the highest national professional recognitions in design—the Brumen Foundation awards excellent Slovenian designers, quality visual communication and clients that recognise design as an important competitive advantage.

By promoting excellence in design and awarding exceptional projects, their authors and the businesses investing in design, the Brumen Foundation encourages a critical reflection of visual communication. Design is a field which evolves at relentless pace, but with the increasing availability of design tools, the field has become deprofessionalised, financially devalued and increasingly less respected and understood by clients and the wider public. Standards have consequently declined in recent decades: upholding a strict criteria of excellence is one of the ways of informing people in all walks of life of the societal importance of quality design.



The Foundation’s main focus is organising exhibitions and publishing catalogues and monographs relating to exhibited authors. The exhibitions are regularly accompanied by lectures and various round table discussions. You can find news on our latest activities on the website, in our newsletter, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



The Brumen Foundation is headed by the management board, comprised of seven members including the president of the Foundation. Since 2015, the role has been performed by Radovan Jenko.

The board of trustees is comprised of representatives of the Brumen Foundation, the founding company Riko d.o.o. and two independent designers.


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Ustanova za promocijo oblikovanja vidnih sporočil

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Jože Brumen


The Foundation is named after Jože Brumen (1930-2000), Slovenian pioneer in the field of visual communications. A graduate in architecture and sculpture, Jože Brumen is the author of a number of posters and book designs, notably those of exhibition catalogues and monographs. His seminal works include the design of Integrali (Integrals), a collection of poems by Srečko Kosovel, and the monograph of works by Janez Bernik, both published in 1967. CITAT (from the foreword in the catalogue of Jože Brumen’s independent exhibition in 1977 by Zoran Kržišnik). As a long-standing professor at the University of Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Jože Brumen was a profound influence on generations of designers from 1968, and thus helped shaped the contemporary field of visual communications in Slovenia.


Integrali ‘26

Author: Srečko Kosovel
Design: Jože Brumen
Editor, foreword: Anton Ocvirk
Publisher: Cankarjeva založba
Year of publication: 1967