The Brumen Foundation is an independent, non-profit institution, organised as a legal entity under private law in accordance with the Institutes Act, with founders, management board, and start-up capital.

Ustanova za promocijo oblikovanja vidnih sporočil Fundacija Brumen
Slovenska cesta 11
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

organisation ID no.: 1826239000
ID for VAT: SI73713040
subject to VAT
BA: IBAN SI56 0201 3025 3559 953 (NLB d. d.)

legal entity: institution
number of employees: 0
registred with: Ministry of Culture
legal representative: Peter Skalar

Aims and goals

The development of technology and the consumer society has significantly expanded the field of visual communications. The “good design” of a product, packaging, marketing and communication tools, or of shelves in a shop, often constitute the added value which makes a customer select a product from many similar and competing ones.

To further Slovenia’s growth into a communicatively efficient society with a rich spatial culture and a good quality of life, we established the Brumen Foundation in 2003. Named after Jože Brumen, a pioneer of Slovene design and one of its most prominent representatives, the Foundation believes its mission is to promote young professionals (in terms of practice and theory) and establish criteria of excellence to guide and help designers, clients, and customers in the broader sense. The work of the Foundation focuses on organising the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications (BSVC), a biennial overview of Slovene visual communications design assessed by an international jury, whose members present their own work in a series of lectures and an exhibition called the International Design Event (IDE).

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